2. The Next Big Thing.

    So far the first two weeks of this semester has been nothing but wonderful. But ever since the first day, I’ve been getting signs. Signs that mean that something big is going to happen this school year. Signs that I’m going to have to step out of my comfort zone. Signs that mean a big change is going to happen, not just in my life but in others as well. Signs that foresee a campus movement waiting to happen.

    People are subtly reaching out. A Francis Kong seminar, a StratMark conference in CCF Center, an accounting prof who I swear is a church mate. 

    And then there is me. Me who wants this to happen. Me who is afraid. Me who is selfish. Me who can foresee this next big thing and needs to suck it up and take that leap of faith.

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    I want them to understand and I want them to know. But what’s the point if they’ve already decided to think that way? And I want to tell someone—anyone. But then what good does it to for that person? So yeah I should just better keep my mouth shut all about it.

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